Yes on 2 Campaign has Support from Major Elected Leaders, Organizations & Newspapers Heading into Election Day

Yes On 2 Campaign has Support from Majority of Mass Delegation. Two former Mass Governors endorse Ranked Choice Voting.

League of Women Voters, Common Cause, MassVOTE all support Yes on 2.

Boston Globe, Berkshire Eagle, The Sun Chronicle, MV Times, Daily Hampshire Gazette, Greenfield Recorder endorse Yes on 2

For Immediate Release:

Boston, Mass. — October 27, 2020 —

The Yes on 2 Campaign is highlighting the support for ranked choice voting among major Massachusetts public officials and former state leaders seven days out from Election Day.

To date, the Yes on 2 campaign has the endorsement of US Senator Elizabeth Warren, US Senator Edward Markey, former Governors Deval Patrick and Bill Weld, Attorney General Maura Healey, Representative Jim McGovern, Representative Lori Trahan, Representative Joe Kennedy III, Representative Katherine Clark, Representative Seth Moulton and Representative Ayanna Pressley, along with over 80 endorsements from current legislators in the Massachusetts State House.  The Yes on 2 campaign has also been endorsed by non-partisan groups including the League of Women Voters, Common Cause of Massachusetts, MassVOTE and six Massachusetts newspapers.

“To defend our democracy, we need to fortify it. One way is by strengthening the principle of majority rule while defending and protecting the rights of all individuals, including those in the minority. Massachusetts voters have a chance to do just that in November by approving ranked-choice voting on Question 2.”
Senator Elizabeth Warren

“Ranked Choice Voting assures that the voters’ wishes are honored and that’s why I support this important reform. Ranked choice voting will make sure that all candidates have a fighting chance.”
Senator Edward Markey

“It’s been proven that not only does ranked choice voting discourage negative campaigning, but it provides more choices for voters while increasing participation in our elections. This is what true representative democracy is about.”
Governor Deval Patrick

“Ranked choice voting provides many benefits at all levels. Research shows more women and people of color run and win with this reform. Because candidates seek second place votes, negative campaigning is diminished. Barriers for new competition will be reduced for candidates outside of both major parties.”
Governor Bill Weld


“Ranked choice voting encourages more positive campaigns. Candidates are more likely to work for the second and third choices of their opponents’ supporters by appealing to what they have in common, rather than focusing on divisive issues.”
Attorney General Maura Healey

“Ranked Choice Voting strengthens our democracy and places more power in the hands of voters on Election Day.”
Representative Ayanna Pressley

To see the long list of elected leaders, unions, environmental groups, Massachusetts party committees, voter empowerment organizations and others, click here

Contact:, 617-894-6905

About the Yes on 2 Campaign
Yes On 2 is a citizen-led, nonpartisan campaign to adopt Ranked Choice Voting for Massachusetts elections starting in 2022. Ranked Choice Voting is a common-sense reform that gives voters more voice, more choice, more power and more freedom. It will strengthen our democracy by ensuring our leaders are supported by the broadest majority of voters and reflect the true will of the people.