Ranked Choice Voting Can Make Government Look More Like Us

By Tanisha Sullivan and Jesse Mermell  |  October 15, 2020

Everywhere you turn there are reminders that it’s election season. Lawn signs, bumper stickers and campaign ads abound. We don’t need to wait to understand the many ways in which our current system isn’t working.

Government doesn’t reflect the diversity of the people it represents. Campaigns regularly fall prey to the ugly side of politics, and corrupt special interests and those with deep pockets hold too much power in our democracy, silencing the voices of everyday people. Voters often feel compelled to play strategist in the voting booth rather than simply supporting the person who they like the most.

What’s one thing Massachusetts voters can do right now to help fix this? When you receive your ballot either by mail or at the polls, vote “yes” on Question 2 for ranked choice voting. It’s a common-sense approach to voting that will increase diversity and competition in our elections and put the power back where it belongs: in the hands of voters.