Order From Supreme Judicial Court Paves The Way For Historic Signature Collection Campaign

Court decision preserves democracy and ballot access in MA in the face of COVID-19

For Immediate Release:

May 1, 2020

Boston, MA – After this week’s order by the Supreme Judicial Court to allow the second set of ballot initiative signatures to be collected safely and securely via online tools, Voter Choice for Massachusetts released the following statement of Cara McCormick, senior advisor for the ranked choice voting campaign:

“In just five days campaign volunteers will embark on something that has never been done before – gathering 13,374 signatures in the middle of a devastating public health care crisis. We are profoundly grateful for the Supreme Judicial Court’s order which allows voters to exercise their right to petition the government and act as engaged citizens even as many of us are sheltering at home.

“With this order, no voter or volunteer will have to choose between staying safe and getting involved in our campaign to help form a more perfect union with ranked choice voting.

“More than 111,000 voters have already signed our petitions because RCV will give us more voice, more choice and more power in our elections. With RCV, voters have the option to rank candidates on their ballots in order of preference. You have the freedom to vote for the candidate you like best without worrying that you will help to elect the candidate you like the least, and you’ll never feel like your vote is wasted.

“And most important, RCV brings us together because it guarantees that the candidate that wins the election is the one the majority of voters actually want.

“Our campaign looks forward to working with Secretary Galvin who has worked diligently to preserve what is embodied in the Massachusetts constitution to allow the people — for this election only — to sign petitions electronically.”

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About Voter Choice for Massachusetts 2020
Made up of thousands of citizens across the state, Voter Choice for Massachusetts is a non-partisan campaign of Democrats, Republicans, and independents working together to place a question on the 2020 ballot to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Massachusetts elections starting in 2022.