Actor Michael Douglas Gives Video Endorsement of Massachusetts’ Question 2

Actor Michael Douglas Gives Video Endorsement of Massachusetts’ Question 2

Boston, Mass. – October 22, 2020 –  Academy Award-winning actor Michael Douglas is voicing his support for ranked choice voting in a new video encouraging voters to vote Yes on 2

“Michael Douglas understands that we have a responsibility to take action to help fix our broken politics for future generations. We are very grateful to him for supporting our grassroots campaign to strengthen our democracy and give voters more voice,” said Yes on 2 campaign manager Cara Brown McCormick. 

Video transcript:

“Hi Massachusetts, it’s Michael Douglas, asking you to vote YES on Question 2. We have a responsibility to our children and grandchildren to help fix our broken politics. With ranked choice voting, you’ll never be forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. If your favorite candidate can’t win, your vote is instantly counted for your second choice so your vote is never wasted. For more voice and more choice, please vote YES on Question 2.” 

Michael Douglas serves on the Cultural Council of RepresentUS, and has been a longtime advocate in support of state and local laws designed to address the broken election system in the U.S. 

The Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence also voiced her support for Yes on 2 in a video released earlier this month. 

About the Yes on 2 Campaign

Yes On 2 is a citizen-led, nonpartisan campaign to adopt Ranked Choice Voting for Massachusetts elections starting in 2022. Ranked Choice Voting is a common-sense reform that gives voters more voice, more choice, more power and more freedom. It will strengthen our democracy by ensuring our leaders are supported by the broadest majority of voters and reflect the true will of the people.