‘Dunk the Vote’ endorses Question 2

‘Dunk the Vote’ endorses Question 2

The voter empowerment organization supports ranked choice voting

For Immediate Release

Boston, Mass. — October 30, 2020 —  Dunk the Vote, a Boston-based voting rights advocacy organization has endorsed the Massachusetts Yes on 2 Campaign to bring ranked choice voting to the Commonwealth.

“It is critical that we educate voters, particularly in BIPOC communities, about the benefits of ranked choice voting. This reform is needed because there is a clear and undeniable demographic discrepancy between our population and the representation we have in government,” said Dunk the Vote founder Ron Bell.

“Evidence has shown that ranked choice voting can increase diversity of leadership, particularly among candidates of color and women, and has real-world implications when it comes to policies impacting Black and Latinx communities,” Bell continued.

“Ranked choice voting gives voters the power to have more say at the voting booth, which will result in a more representative democracy,” said campaign manager Cara Brown McCormick. “We are honored that Dunk the Vote is standing with us to give more voice and more choice to Massachusetts voters.”

Dunk the Vote is one of many voter empowerment organizations that have endorsed Yes on 2, including the League of Women Voters, MassVOTE, Common Cause, Amplify Latinx and other prominent voter-focused organizations.

Contact:  charlie.patterson@yeson2rcv.com, 617-894-6905

About the Yes on 2 Campaign

Yes On 2 is a citizen-led, nonpartisan campaign to adopt Ranked Choice Voting for Massachusetts elections starting in 2022. Ranked Choice Voting is a common-sense reform that gives voters more voice, more choice, more power and more freedom. It will help strengthen our democracy by ensuring our leaders are supported by the broadest majority of voters and reflect the true will of the people.