Andrew Yang Officially Endorses Yes on 2 in Massachusetts

Former Presidential Candidate and leader of Humanity Forward Endorses Yes on 2

For Immediate Release 

Boston, Mass. – October 16, 2020 –

Presidential primary contender and founder of Humanity Forward Andrew Yang has officially endorsed the Massachusetts Yes on 2 Campaign to bring ranked choice voting to the Commonwealth.  

“If passed in Massachusetts, ranked choice voting can contribute to a surge of democratic reforms that’ll sweep the nation and fix a lot of what’s wrong with our system today,” says Andrew Yang. 

Yang is the latest prominent political figure to officially endorse the Yes on 2 campaign, joining Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Edward Markey, Governor Deval Patrick and Governor Bill Weld among many others who support the reform. 

Yang continued, “Ranked choice voting gives you more choice, more voice, and more power. Just think about how much better we would feel about our politics if voters had this kind of choice. We would feel free to vote based on which candidate best represented our values, instead of voting for a candidate based on their odds of winning. We wouldn’t feel like we’d have to send our kids out of the room when politics comes on the news, because every candidate would want to be your second choice if they couldn’t be your first.”

Earlier this month, Andrew Yang co-wrote an op ed in USA Today with former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld outlining the benefits of ranked choice and his reasons for supporting it. Today, he officially endorsed the Yes on 2 campaign and sent a letter to all his supporters letting them know.

“Our leaders would be more compelled to act, to compromise and to lead if they knew they weren’t going to be only campaigning against an extreme opposite candidate. Ranked choice voting elects candidates supported by the broadest majority of voters, so it cracks down on special interests and motivates politicians to put voters first. We deserve fair, balanced elections, and ranked choice voting helps put elections back on track,” said Yang.

Contact:, 617-894-6905

About the Yes on 2 Campaign
Yes On 2 is a citizen-led, nonpartisan campaign to adopt Ranked Choice Voting for Massachusetts elections starting in 2022. Ranked Choice Voting is a common-sense reform that gives voters more voice, more choice, more power and more freedom. It will strengthen our democracy by ensuring our leaders are supported by the broadest majority of voters and reflect the true will of the people.